When you know what you want…

Vision is a word that is thrown around quite a bit in the business and Luis Llerena 2-stock snapchurch world as something every leader must have in order to be successful. But what is it that makes this almost mystical word, which seems to be only something high achievers have, so important? It might not be so apparent when it’s disguised under the word “VISION”.

Vision equals a desired destination. When you know your desired destination, you can make and execute your plans to get there! Click to tweet

If we define vision to mean a desired destination, I think the importance becomes a little clearer. Almost in everything we do we need vision or a desired destination. Whether we’re going on vacation, planning our educational or planning our careers paths, we need to know where we want to Nirzar Pangarkar-stock snapend up. The power in vision is that when you know desired destination, you can make and execute your plans to get there!

One of the wisest men in history put it this way, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

So why is vision important for the everyday Joe or Jane and not just an elite few? Well it’s because – Vision can give you Focus, Focus can help you concentrate your energy on the most important things, Concentrated energy can help you get more done faster. And if you can get things done faster, this would give you a little more time in your day, which I would think most of us could use a little more of.


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