There’s one thing you should focus on.

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There’s ONE thing you should focus on

There’s one thing you should focus on and that’s focusing on one thing. If you haven’t already figured this out, all of us have things we can improve on. And if you’ve ever tried to improve on anything, you know it’s not easy. On top of this, most of us want to fix several things at one time, which is even harder. And this might be the reason why so many people end up giving up and quitting on their improvement goals.

The benefit of selecting only ONE thing

The benefit of selecting only one thing to work on is that you can focus all your energy on that one area. Think of the sun and a magnifying glass. It’s easy to see what a difference focused energy makes when you can take energy that when spread out warms your face or gives you a nice tan or when focused can easily start a fire!

Let’s work through the process

Let’s look at this in a real life example. If you’re talking about public Speaking, some problem areas might be: Pacing – Looking at crowd – Filler words: uh, so, clearing your throat – Timing – Introduction

-We’ll pick filler words –

Since we’re only focusing on one area, we can take the time to drill down to see why this is a problem area.  So after drilling down a little more, we find out that a couple of reasons for using filler words might be: not enough practice or insecurity about a certain topic. Because we want to be as focused as possible we choose only one of these to work on. The final step is to set a time-frame to come back see what kind of progress has been made.


  1. Decide: Decide ONE problem area you would like to work on
  2. Define: Take some time to see if this area can be narrowed down any more
  3. Date: Set a time frame to work on the problem and see results

The idea is simplicity! Clutter, in just about any setting, creates distraction and slows productivity. And this is just as true for mental clutter. So the more we can de-clutter our minds by focusing on one thing, the less distracted and more productive we can be. I have summarized this in a list above for all those visual people. And I have also provided a FREE resource to help you get focused.

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