Rotten Bones!

rotten boens!Proverbs 14:30 (NIV)
A heart at peace gives life to the body,
but envy rots the bones.

Rotten Bones

Have you ever thought, what’s the purpose anyway? Maybe you’ve settled because it doesn’t matter what you do you always end up right back where you’re at. If you’ve been there done that ( I have ), then you know what that gray, empty, heavy, depressed like feeling is when you’re just not where you want to be. Kind of like you’re rotting from the bones out.

Dangerous Envy

Comparison is something that we wouldn’t think of as dangerous, but if were to follow it through over time we would see how dangerous it really is. Comparison at first says, how do I match in “X” area with this person. If the person we compare ourselves with seem to have an advantage on us something happens inside of us. It normally triggers a chain os thoughts: Why can’t I have what they have, why don’t I have the same success, why does there life seem to be so much better, I want what they have. Another chain of thoughts follows those: Is it my fault, maybe if I would have went to the same school, maybe if spend more hours, resources, and energy, I wish I was like them.

This where it gets dangerous. All of a sudden everything we have seems insignificant. Our family, our career, our home, our lifestyle, our income, our body, our education, our abilities and skills, everything that seems to outline who we are quickly becomes second class. Comparison leads to envy and envy leads to discontentment which leads to comparison…. And the vicious cycle eats us alive!

Freedom from Envy

“A heart at peace gives life to the body”. The solution is to learn to be content. Give your heart permission to be okay with where you are. Anyone can look and realize how blessed they are just as easy as they can look around and give into the idea that they are bad off. Take some time today to look around and find as many things as possible that you are thankful for and I believe this can make a huge difference in your life and put life not rot into your bones!

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