The Oddest Place You Will Find Jesus!

Chris Sowder - Unsplash
Chris Sowder – Unsplash

Jesus Was Born Where?

When Jesus was born on this earth, it was probably not in the place you would expect the son of God to be born. For most people a palace or the best hospital money can buy, comes to mind. But no, He was born in the oddest place – in a barn. Finding Jesus in a barn might sound odd, but I think odd places is still where He can often be found, if we will slow down and look.

Finding Jesus in a barn might sound odd, but I think odd places is still where He can often be found, if we will slow down and look.

The Oddest Places

Maybe we need to start thinking of traffic jams, long lines at the store, or what might seem as an eternity on hold for customer service, as gifts from God that give us time to reflect on Jesus. We should take advantage of these moments, especially since most of live in such a fast paced world. My bet is that you can find Jesus in even those odd places if you try.

Maybe those tough decisions, discussions, sicknesses, or losses are opportunities to see Jesus. Nobody wants to go through any kind of difficult situation or string of difficult situations, but if we allow them to, these might become some of those odd places we meet Him. The reality is, whether we want to admit it or not, many of us struggle to seek after Jesus. And it’s not until these adversities take place that we lift our eyes to look for the one we’ve lost contact with.

Change Your Perspective

Odd then, should almost be a trigger to look around and see where we can find Jesus. Is He trying to get our attention? Is He giving us some much-needed time to pause and reflect on Him? So maybe odd shouldn’t be thought of as weird, strange, or bizarre, but instead we should view odd places as a divinely orchestrated occurrence.

Or if you like acronyms: Odd = Our – Divine – Destination.

Take some time today look for God’s hand in your life, particularly in those odd places.

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