Why You Shouldn’t Pray For Safety

Don’t Pray For Safety If…

Okay so maybe it’s not that you shouldn’t pray for safety. I think the question I want you to ask yourself is if by praying for safety what you really want is a safe life? If your intention in praying for safety is to reach you goal of coasting in to retirement healthy and wealthy, then I don’t think you should pray for safety.

Milada Vigerova-stock snap
Milada Vigerova-stock snap

You Should Pray For Safety As…

So as I said in the beginning, it’s not that you shouldn’t pray for safety. I believe you should pray for safety as you follow God wherever He leads you to go. Psalms 23 is a passage of scripture that I’ve heard people use in movies, songs and in person when they are going through difficult times. Even this passage of scripture implies that we will go through the valley of the shadow of death. And it’s in this valley that we trust God for protection from evil.

Another question is, are you asking your will to be done over God’s. In the model prayer Jesus taught shows us that it’s God will that should be done. That being the case, we have to ask ourselves whose will am I pursuing – mine or God’s.

If your will is of higher priority and your will is to be safe at all cost, that’s probably what your prayers will consist of. If God’s will is of higher priority then we will be willing to walk through unsafe situations if that’s His will. And I believe that through out scripture we can see that God’s highest priority is not our safety but our spiritual growth.

Job (pronounced Jobe) is a good example of this. In the last chapter of Job he says something kind of unexpected:

Job 42:5  I had heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees you;

After all that Job has gone through, nothing that resembles safety, he says that his view, relationship and understanding of God have gone to another level.


Is it possible that our “safety” is keeping us from the next level experience that Job had?

Two Opposite Outcomes

Your mindset about safety and the intent behind your prayers for safety can lead to two opposite outcomes.

  1. Praying with mindset #1 leads to venturing out and trusting God for protection along the way.
  2. Praying with mindset #2 leads to praying for safety, and just in case God didn’t hear us, we choose to ignore God’s call and stay in what we know to be safe and familiar.

In the Bible the safest place to be was always in the will of God; not always physically, financially or socially safe, but always eternally and spiritually safe. So, today as you pray for safety think about your intent behind that prayer. As you do, ask God for discernment and direction even in how and why you pray.

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