4 Ways A Father Can Show His Love


4 Ways A Father Can Show His Love

Think for a moment of what a perfect father looks like to you. I don’t think any one’s father has ever been perfect, but if you could pick and choose some qualities from different fathers and combine them into one, what would they be? I also know that some of you didn’t have a dad, but maybe you can think of those that played that role or other father figures that you’ve seen.

Here are some I thought about.

A father shows his love by providing what we need while giving us things we just want when he can.

Kids think they need  a lot of things. Like they think the need the newest phones everyone else has. It’s not bad to have the newest phone. But what if your father said they need  that


new phone so I guess we can do without food for a week to get it. We should be alright. That wouldn’t be loving. A good father will make  the decision to get food instead because he knows what’s best.

A father shows his love by setting life-giving boundaries for his children.

In a child’s mind life is just one big adventure. Nothing bad can ever happen to them. After all, they’ve seen people in the movies do without getting hurt. After watching a movie one night, I asked my kids what they would do if some tried to come and get them like the bad people did in the movie? My kids respond with karate moves while saying, “we’ll just kick their butts”. That’s how kids view the world. So because of this, fathers will put boundaries to protect his kids.

Just image a kid that wants to play on  high traffic road because she thinks it looks fun. In her mind, nothing bad can happen to her. “The cars just need to watch and stop while she’s playing,” she says. A good father will deny his daughter’s request to go and play on the road, in spite of her flawless reasoning.

A father shows his love by teaching his kids about consequences.

As you read above, we need to set boundaries, but we also need to teach them that there are consequences when they cross those boundaries. A father needs to teach his that there are consequences for not obeying, following through, or keeping their word. By punishing them you can teach them that crossing boundaries will come at a price. By not bailing them out you can teach them that they will be held accountable for their actions. A friend of mine talks about how when he was a kid he would always try to touch the hot stove, so after many failed attempts from his mom to keep him from doing this, his dad let him touch it. He said, ” I learned my lesson”.

A father who never teaches his kids about consequences will end up sending his kids unprepared to function in a world that expects them to obey and follow certain standards. If they haven’t been taught that there are consequences, they won’t know how to respond when they get the bad grade, get a ticket, go to jail, get fired, fail the class, end up in horrible debt, etc.

A father shows his love by guiding his kids to the greatest good.

Just think of Christmas. Kids will get a really nice toy, but they end up playing with the box it came in. We are still the same way as adults. We can easily lose sight of the things that are of real value in our lives and go after cheap substitutes. A father’s job is to show his kids the difference between real and fake, between good and bad.

Just like in the example of the Christmas presents, kids will want to chase things that make them happy temporarily, while ignoring the real deal in front of them. A father must teach his kids that God is the real deal. That He is the greatest good. Everything else is just a cheap imitation. And the best way to do this is by living it out yourself. Read more about this here.

Spiritual application: So if we would expect a good earthly father to do and act in the ways mentioned above, why would we expect anything different from God? Take a minute to look through what you just read with your heavenly father in mind and see what difference that makes.

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