So You Think You Are Radical?

Atlas Green-unsplash
Atlas Green-unsplash

So You Think You Are Radical?

I’ve heard the word radical a lot in our church-world lingo. Mainly, it seems to be used to express a way of living. To be radical means to do things that are contrary to what everyone sees as normal. It’s like their lifestyle has superseded our expectations. Radicals live life on the edge. They are unique individuals who have chosen to go above and beyond the call.

Someone leaves their high paying job to go to go to a third world country as a missionary, someone gives a crazy amount of money away to help spread


the gospel and help the poor, someone downsizes their house to be able to be more generous, someone starts a bible study or shares their faith at work, someone adopts or fosters a child despite the fact that they already have four of their own, someone volunteers crazy hours at their church and other events because they want to show Jesus’ love, or someone goes to a hostile war-torn country to share the gospel, and we call their decisions radical.  But should we label these amazing acts of selflessness and courage radical?

Think about this;

  • God knew that humanity would sin and fall away from him, yet he still chose to create us and everything else.
  • God knew that humanity wouldn’t be able to pay their sin debt so he came in the form of man to do it.
  • God chose Jesus and Jesus willingly left heaven a place of perfection and complete joy and came to this world.
  • Jesus being the king of the universe chose to live poor and homeless.
  • Jesus was completely human and never sinned.
  • Jesus knew he would have to die one of the most brutal deaths in history and still chose to do so.
  • Jesus trained, commissioned, trusted and sent 12 unlikely men to carry the Gospel, our salvation, and hope to the world.

Based on what God has done, I don’t know that I would use the word radical to describe the way some Christians live. I think I would use the word normal. Normal because we are to be imitators of Christ. He was generous, forgiving, loving, missional, funny, approachable, friendly, obedient to his heavenly father, compassionate, sacrificial, strong, passionate, trustworthy, brave, and committed. So shouldn’t we consider it normal to live this way? Shouldn’t it be our standard to follow in the footsteps of our Lord and Savior? If Jesus were to come up to us today, would he ask why we are living our Christians lives unnaturally?

Is it possible that we have come up with this label radical because it makes it sound better than, that’s a lifestyle or command that I’m not willing to follow?

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