10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Trust Yourself

Jeremy Cai-unsplash
Jeremy Cai-unsplash

Has anyone ever told you to just trust your heart when you had to make a big decision?

Maybe you’re the one who’s given that advice?

Is that really the best advice?

Am I really the best person to give myself advice?

I recently read a book about self-discovery. It’s a great book that I recommend. I learned a lot but maybe one of the biggest takeaways is that maybe I’m not always the most reliable source when I’m trying to make a decision. And I’m not talking about day to day decision like what fast food restaurant to eat at. I’m talking about big decisions like what career path to take, buying a house, moving to another state or country, or furthering education. If you sought advice from someone, some of the responses you might get are, just trust your heart, how do you feel about it, or do you have peace about it?

But we are such unreliable sources. After reading The Road Back To You I realized that there are just too many reasons to not just trust my heart or just trust myself. This book is great because it gives you some really accurate descriptions about personalities and I’m sure you can find yourself in one of them. Once you have a better understanding of yourself and how or why you might respond a certain way you can catch yourself in those moments before making a bad or hasty decision

  1. My attitude can change depending on how stressed or secure I feel.
  2. My maturity level plays a huge role into how I perceive the world and my circumstances.
  3. If I haven’t dealt with hurts in my past I will continue to make the same mistakes and not really know why.
  4. God made us all different so that we could rely on each other’s strengths not got at it alone.
  5. There are people way smarter and much further ahead at all levels than me.
  6. Just depending on myself and not seeking advice is prideful.
  7. Someone else can help me see whether my motives are the best.
  8. There are others who deal with the same things I do but I won’t know if I never share.
  9. Just trusting in myself leaves God out of the picture which makes it a sin.
  10. God made me this way so I think he would be the most reliable source.

So I’m not suggesting that people lose faith in themselves so much that they can make any kind of decision on their own. My point is that we have come to view ourselves as the ultimate source of authority for our lives. And when you look at how susceptible we are to outside factors that can change our moods and perspective from one day to the next, we might need to consider the fact that we can easily blind ourselves into making unwise decisions or holding certain perspectives.

My hope is that the more we understand who we are, the more this causes us to seek God. To seek him because he knows us better than we know ourselves. And to seek him because he is our solid rock who never changes.

Some resources: Take the Enneagram Assessment The Road Back To You 

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