3 Ways To Simplify You Christian Walk


Have you ever seen or received a marketing brochure but you really couldn’t tell what was going on or what they were wanting you to do? And the reason you couldn’t make sense of it was because it was too cluttered. The sender tried their best to make it look good but instead ended up hiding the main message of the brochure. Clutter tends to have that effect on just about anything.

Your Christian life can be affected by clutter as well. It seems that well-meaning Churches in trying to add value or open up opportunities for you end up hiding the message with over-programming that pulls you in a million directions. You may have experienced this and felt overwhelmed and confused. But is this how your Christian walk was supposed to be? Is this the example that we get from Jesus? I’m not sure that it was.

So let me suggest 3 ways to simplify your Christian walk

  • It’ about following Him.

Well-meaning Christians will tell you that you have to attend certain if not all the programs a church offers to be a good Christian. But Jesus’ command to the disciples was pretty clear, follow me and I will make you fishers of men. Yes, I think we should be involved in a local church and do as much as we can advance the cause of christ there. After all, he did say that He would build his church and if you are a Christian you should be all about Church building. And by Church I mean the people, not the structure.

So when you feel overburdened or like your Christian walk is cluttered, just go back to your original call – Follow Jesus.

  • Minister as you go.

Jesus had certain rhythms in His life and he ministered while on those rhythms. He didn’t set up a bunch of separate programs, He taught, healed, provided for, and loved as He went. I think we’ve complicated things because we think that secular and spiritual are two separate areas in our lives – we have ministry and then we have the rest of life.

But Jesus doesn’t show us that. He spent His time with people and ministered as they walked, ate, partied, and ran for their lives. He didn’t say, I want yo invite you to come to this program we have at church so they can tell you about me, He did it in the midst of the natural rhythms of His day.

  • Focus your ministry

Jesus picked twelve disciples. He could have picked hundreds but he didn’t. He specifically picked the disciples He did and spent the rest of His earthly life with them. You need to try to be as specific as Jesus was with His ministry. It so easy to spread yourself thin that you’re not effective at any of them. Find your calling. It might take some time and you might have to bounce around until you find exactly what God has called you to. But find it and then focus on that ministry.

Jesus said in Matthew 11:30, “my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Maybe we need to revisit what that looked like

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