3 Questions For You As We Go Into This Presidential Year



Every presidential term there seems to be some type of blame placed on the current president for whatever bad things happen. That will probably not change this presidential year. And this will always be the case because every president has been human. And humans are sinful.

But somehow we still always have a hope that we will one day get the perfect president who won’t make mistakes and will fix all our problems.

As we come into a new presidential term I want to give you few questions to think about.

  1. Do you want your presidential pick to win because you want someone else to do the dirty work? Do you want your presidential candidate to win so you don’t have to do your calling to serve the poor, sick, hurting? As the church, we have been called to be salt and light in this world. It is our privilege to stand in the gap for people and meet needs, serve, bring healing and restoration, not the government.
  2. Do you want your presidential candidate to win because you want things to be they way they used to be? You struggle with change and things that are different. Would you rather keep things as they are or would you rather have the church grow? The reason I ask is because when I read the new testament, I can see that the church grew and expanded when change and persecution took place. At what cost are we willing to accept or refuse change?
  3. So what will change this presidential term? Not God, because he has been the same and will be the same. Will we as the church take on the role that he has given us? Will we quit shifting the blame elsewhere and start doing what we were called to do?

Think about this. Jesus said he would build his church, not the government. The same power that resurrected Jesus from the grave is at work in us the people who make up the church. And it is through this power that God sends us out into our world. Not to shift blame and make excuses, but instead to take up our cross daily and do as Jesus did – befriend the friendless, bring hope to the hopeless, bring healing to the hurting, bring acceptance to the rejected, and most importantly bring salvation to this world that has rejected their savior.

  1. So instead this year we need to respect and pray for our president no matter if it’s the one we picked or not.
  2. We need to partner with organizations that are meeting needs and bringing the gospel in Jesus name.
  3. We need to step up and be the church that we were called to be.
  4. And we need to quit seeing the church as a social gathering, but instead as the only entity that Jesus promised to build because it would be through this entity that he would spread the glorious name of God on this earth.

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