The Opportunity of a Life-Time


The Opportunity of a Life-Time

There’s a story in Matthew 25 that tells about three individuals getting what I would view as the opportunity of a lifetime! This opportunity would allow them to invest a significant amount of money for someone very important. And the deal was so great because it was an opportunity to invest and risk what wasn’t theirs. 

Just think if someone gave you a million dollars and said go invest this for me. Make sure you try to do good with it and invest it wisely and I will take on the risk. Wow, what an opportunity you might be thinking! Well, the reality is that just like the individuals in this story we have been given a gift just as special. What gift might that be, you ask? It’s the gift of life and being able to live your life for the most worthy cause and the most important person! Just like the master in the story gave his servants a gift, God has given us the gift of life to invest in His Kingdom.

An opportunity to invest and risk what isn’t yours.

When you understand that this life is not yours, you can start investing it like it’s not yours. You begin to ask the true owner of your life how He wants you to use the life He has given you. And if you are following the orders of the one who owns your life then he takes on the risk. You see if it’s your life, then any risks that are taken all come back to you. But when we acknowledge that our life belongs to God then whatever loss or gain we go through as we follow His lead, all come back to Him. However, the good thing for us is that God values His investment and wants to make the most of it, and since He is all-knowing we can rest assured that any risks He asks us to take will be of great gain in the long run.

An opportunity to do something significant

Whatever it is God is calling you to, is significant. The how might not be as significant as the what. That thing that God has called you to invest your life in is significant because it’s your opportunity to build His Kingdom. God has called you out of the mundane and normal to take part in the extraordinary and supernatural.

The beauty of this investment is that it has eternal returns. Our increase is exponential. It might not seem like what we are doing is making a dent in eternity, but I truly believe that if we are being faithful to what God has called us to He doesn’t see it as we do. To Him it’s significant. And so it should be significant to us as well.

Gut Check:

  1. What kind of opportunities has God gifted you with?
  2. Is there anything in your life that you feel you’re entitled to have?

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