Want to become a speaker? think Small!

Know you’re called to share a Message?

If you feel a desire, passion, or  curiosity towards public speaking, but can’t seem to get past fear or you’re not sure what a good first step might be. Maybe it’s the thought of giving a speech in front of a big group of people that’s holding you back. Maybe you’ve come to the conclusion that you need a game plan for where to start. My suggestion is:Want to become a Speaker-

Start Small

Most people think that if they’re ever going to speak in front of a big crowd that’s where they need to start. And some can do that, but most of us are not going to be that lucky. And, if we’re honest, if someone did  we would probably turn it down out of fear.

Starting small is a great option for the majority of us. Starting small can give you bigger results then you think. Here are some options that I think would be readily available and good small starts to give you practice:

A few ideas to get you started

  1. Volunteer:

    • Help out a  Sunday school teacher as a Assistant SS teacher. This would give them a break and give you a few opportunities a year to speak to a small audience.
    • Let your pastor know what your plans are and then ask if you could say the announcements at church once a month.
  2. Make yourself available at work:

    • Ask if you can lead/facilitate your next meeting. Leading a meeting might not seem like the speaking opportunity your looking for, but I think it would give you some practice organizing and thinking through information that has to been conveyed.
  3. Get friends and family involved:

    • Let your friends and family know your plans and then ask if they would listen to you and give some feedback so you can improve.
    • Speak at family dinners or family events.

Starting small might not be what you had planned, but I believe that small steps can make a big difference over time! What about you? Are there any small steps you’ve taken that made a big difference?


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