I Want More Of Him


Do you want more of God?

More of His presence?

Is your prayer life full of requests for more of Him?

You feel like this is a good thing to ask for and that God should be answering this prayer. But you feel like God isn’t answering those requests.

Is it possible that He is trying to give you more of Him, but you keep running from it?

More of Him your way

So if you plead with God for more of Him, should you question how He makes more of Himself available to you?

If you truly desire more of God, will it not come as John said in John 3:30, “He must increase, but I must decrease”?

So how do you decrease?

It’s by dying to self daily.

But I believe the reason you often feel like God is not answering your prayer for more of Him is because you run when you feel like there’s a need to sacrifice something.

Your “flesh/old self” does not want to die.

More of Him His way

Does dying to self not come at a cost?

Is it not through the pain and suffering of dying that you come closer to life in Jesus?

Jesus promised to give you life more abundantly. What He was promising was Himself. He said I am the way, the truth, and the Life.

You have to die. Because if you live than Christ can’t live in you. Your flesh does not want to die. It wants to live.

What consumes you needs to change

Dying to self sounds like getting the bad end of the deal until you remember what you are getting in return.

As you die to yourself you begin to see Him more clearly.

You begin to see more of His beauty, glory and majesty in all that He is and has created.

Part of getting more of God is seeing more of His glory. And seeing more of His glory comes through giving Him more glory.

And as John Piper says, “He is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him“.

It’s not that you can make Him more glorious by giving Him glory, but your heart is opened to more of His glory as you turn your heart from everything else and direct it towards the King of Glory.

Think of these examples:

  • Joseph was sold by his brothers and spent of his young adult life in prison as an innocent man
  • Job lost everything and then was accused and slandered by his friends and wife.
  • The man blind from birth was chosen by God to go through a large part of his life for God’s glory.
  • Jesus came with the sole purpose to die shed His blood to make a way for forgiveness of sin because He wanted to Glorify His father.

They suffered and chose to die to self because they considered God more worthy then any present comfort or pleasure. But they experienced God like never before.

You can’t get more of Him without seeing Him more glorious. It would be like trying to get a closer look at the sun expecting to not be consumed by it.

The closer you get to God the more He consumes you.

So, do you really want more of Jesus?

If you want more of Jesus, everyday you have to choose who will live that day.

Jesus said to pick up your cross daily. That means that there will be a battle raging on inside of you everyday.

So back to my earlier question. If you want more of God should you not expect that at least some of it will come through pain and suffering.

Soul Check:

Do you want more of God, but aren’t willing to give up anything?

Are there any trials you are running from?

Is your greatest satisfaction found in God?

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