Why You Need To Know Where You Are Going


Which way is up?

Why you need to know where you are going

This might not seem like a very important question. But the level of importance increases depending on the situation.

For example, if  you are flying an airplane in heavy fog or clouds and something happens that causes the plane to spin around, which disorients you. Knowing where you are going becomes critical very quick. Which way is up, becomes a matter of life and death! If you are so disoriented you might not be able to tell which way is up and crash the plane.

I know this is a very dramatic scenario, but I say this to get you thinking about the importance of direction and orientation.

Sin has disoriented us

Jesus came talking about things like the kingdom of heaven and the beatitudes, which may have seemed backward or strange to some people in Jesus day and may still be the same for many people today.

But much like in the example I gave above about something happening to the plane that disoriented it, sin has wrecked our lives. It has wrecked our lives to the point where we can’t really tell which way is “up”.

So when Jesus talked about blessed are the poor in spirit, blessed are those who mourn, or blessed are the meek, it confuses people. They feel like this is backward from the way it should be. This is contrary to what they view as normal. And that’s the problem. Normal has been disoriented.

You can course correct

Even though the way of life that Jesus calls us to may seem radical and not normal, it’s actually how we were meant to live. Jesus’ explanations of the Kingdom of God is like and arrow directing us up to the way God intended is to live. So when Christ comes into our lives he begins to change our view of normal. He begins to course correct our lives. The big theological word for this is sanctification.

Through the holy spirit and through His word God begins to show us that our normal is not actually normal. He begins to orient our disorientation and begins to correct our course. You need to know where you are going so you can make sure that you not on your path of normal but on God’s path of normal.

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