What Wikipidia Can’t Tell You About Jesus

You Can’t Taste It Through a Screen

Have you ever tried to describe to someone how something tastes? You try to tell them about all the flavors that explode in your mouth when you take a bite. Or maybe you try to tell them how the texture is not too hard, dry, or mushy, but just right. But it seems that no matter how much you tell them about it they just don’t quite get it. You think to yourself, if they could just taste it for themselves they would know what I’m talking about

More than likely, your thought is not, if they could just go to Wikipedia they would know what I’m talking about. You know they don’t get it because they haven’t experienced it for themselves. Their imagination can only take them so far. You know that their senses have to be engaged to experience what you are trying to tell them.


Engage You Senses

I believe this same concept applies in our quest to know Jesus. Information on sites like Wikipedia  can give us a lot of historical facts about Jesus, but you still haven’t experienced Him.  Data can give you the definition, but it can’t give you the experience. You have to encounter Him for you self.

Scripture tells us to, Taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8)”.

It’s not possible just to take someone’s word for it. The writer of this passage of scripture is trying to show us that to experience Jesus there is more required then just head knowledge. To taste points to a more holistic approach to knowing Him. Another way of looking at this is that information that we take in can give us a second-hand experience, but to taste and take in through our senses gives us a first-hand experience. And that’s a whole different ballgame.

Today don’t settle for a second-hand Wikipedia Jesus. Go, taste, and see that the Lord is Good.

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