Is it really worth playing the part?

Is it really worth playing the part?

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“It’s better to be unimportant, yet have a servant,
    than to pretend to be important, but lack food…
Whoever tills his soil will have a lot to eat,
    but anyone who pursues fantasies lacks sense.”

As I read this section of scriptures, my mind automatically went to credit cards. Having been a proud (maybe not so proud) owner of credit cards in the past I know the power these little plastic accessories have.

These easily accessible money producing machines can be jerked out of our wallets or purses as soon if we ever have an emergency – that’s what we tell ourselves anyway. But funny enough, things that didn’t fit in the emergency category begin to show up in that category!

All of a sudden you just have to have that new pair of pants, because you couldn’t possibly show up to work in those old pair – it would be career suicide. And you can pay the bills without a job!

And now after several “emergency” purchases later we are now the proud owners of a maxed out credit card. We have somehow managed to blow through what was meant to be an emergency only fund, on things that we really didn’t need.

Things that we probably would have never considered buying if we didn’t have this little instant-gratification card at our finger tips.

And the problem with this scenario according to this passage of scripture is that we are trying to be someone we are not. We are playing the part!

But instead we should be choosing to live content where God has placed us with the resources He has blessed us with. And not only that It gives us the key to obtaining what we try to get on credit – our daily needs.

The one thing you can do….”till your soil” – work hard with what you currently have! You will find out that there is more peace in gaining wants and needs if you do within your means.

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