Does God really forgive?

As a Christian I believe that God has forgiven me of all my sins; past, present, and future. He did this  free of charge to me. I didn’t have to do anything to deserve it. All I had to do was trust in who he is and what he did for me, which was live the life I couldn’t live and die the death I should have died. 353603593So why is it so hard for me, and others I’m sure, to believe this and live in a way that reflects that belief?
Here are just a few reasons that come to mind.

  1. Memories of all the sins we have committed keep us from living in the victory that Jesus has already given us.
  2. It’s hard for us to really accept something that didn’t cost us something.
  3. It’s hard for us to relate to God in a way that we don’t understand (i.e. we don’t forgive easily).

The solution to this problem that I keep coming back to is the acknowledgment of where I focus my attention. If I focus my attention on how bad or good I am, I will always come back empty handed. On the other hand, if I focus my attention on Christ, I understand that it’s not about my my badness but His Goodness. If I focus on Him, I will always find a God who forgives all, loves through all, and has done what he knew I could never do…pay a sin debt I could never repay and give me Grace I never deserved. 

The Gospel always points us to Christ, while a works-based religion always points us…well…to us. So, does God really forgive me of all my sins?…YES! And He does it because his anger toward sin is fully satisfied in what His own son Jesus did when He gave his life in our place on the cross. So for those who trust and believe in Christ, God no longer sees us and our failures, but instead He sees His son and He is pleased! So when you doubt, keep your eyes on Jesus.

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