4 Lies People Believe About Christians

Jason Blackeye-unsplash
Jason Blackeye-unsplash

Christians are supposed to be perfect.

Against popular belief, Christians are not perfect. I believe this is where the famous saying that  “all Christians are hypocrites” comes from. People believe that Christians are supposed to be perfect. Yes, we do have a very high standard to live up too – Jesus. But no, we do not have the capability to live perfectly. Jesus never promised that we would be perfect on this side of heaven. If we could be perfect then he wouldn’t have had to die for our sins.

Christians can’t have fun

I guess my first question would be what’s your definition of fun? I don’t believe God created us with a desire to feel joy if he didn’t want us to fulfill it. What does change when we become Christians is that we have life-giving barriers on how we enjoy. We all know that too much of anything can be bad for you. And the reality is that our tendency is to go to that extreme. We try so hard to find joy in something that it actually becomes toxic. God knows this. God created us to enjoy him and one way we can actually do that is through everything he created.

Christians don’t have any problems

I believe even Christians have this wrong belief. The opposite is actually a truer statement. Christians will face opposition because of their views, whereas before no one said anything because they went with the flow. Christians will face conflict within because now they are battling their “old flesh” and trying to become what Jesus has declared them to be on the inside. What we as Christians might need to do is get better and sharing our struggles with others so that they can see what a difference Jesus makes in the midst of our struggles.

People become weird when they become Christians

Yes, there are some weird Christians. But they were probably weird before Jesus got a hold of them. If by weird you that we don’t participate in certain things or do some radical things then, probably guilty as charged. I see this more as normal people making decisions out of conviction. My dad, for example, chose to leave a life of comfort in the US and go be a missionary for 30+ years in Honduras and live a meager life. Some might say this is weird, but I say it’s normal people seeking to please God by making decisions that are different, radical or not-normal. I actually had someone tell me that they weren’t sure how I turned out normal living with my dad. Click here to see how this kind of weird is changing the world.




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