Vision + Purpose = Desired Destination

People are throwing the word Vision around in the business and church world as something every leader needs to be successful.
But what is it that makes this almost mystical word so important?
It might not be so clear when it’s disguised under the word “VISION”.

Vision = Desired Destination

Vision equals the desired destination. When you know your desired destination, you can make and execute your plans to get there.
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Defining vision to mean the desired destination makes the importance a little clearer.
Almost in everything you do, you need vision or the desired destination. If you are going on vacation or planning your career path, you need to know where you want to be.

No Vision = Wrong Destination

The power in vision is that when you know desired destination, you can make and execute your plans to get there!
And the opposite is also true. If you don’t have a vision for where you want to be, you can possibly end up in the wrong place.
If you left out on vacation but you didn’t make any plans –
  • no maps
  • GPS
  • compass
  • printed direction
  • or even a general idea which direction to go
You might end up in Canada when you intended to go to the beach.
There is a chance that you might end up in the wrong place even if you plan every detail. But the likelihood drops when you have a vision of where you want to be.
You may have often asked, “how did I end up here?”. Because there was an inner vision for where you wanted to be but you didn’t make the needed plans to get there.

Not in the right place?

Circumstances, pressure from parents/friends, or wrong motivations, have played a part in leading you where you are.
So you are feeling like you aren’t in the right place then, “make a U-Turn at the next available turn”. Like when you have missed the turn-off or road you needed to take when driving, you can do this with your life.
No Vision is perfect
Take a few steps back and understand where you want to be. If it doesn’t align with where you are now course correct:
  • Go back to school
  • Change careers
  • Start that business on your spare time
  • Start writing on your breaks
  • Find classes that will teach you the skills you need
  • Start going back to church
  • etc.
If you are still breathing there is still an opportunity to be where you wanted to be.
Think about it, even small trips in a car need you to make adjustments and u-turns, how much more with your life.
Life gets complicated and no vision is perfect (only God has a perfect vision).

Vision with Purpose

One of the wisest men in history put it this way, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”
So why is vision important for the everyday Joe or Jane and not an elite few?
Well, it’s because – Vision can give you Focus. Focus can help you concentrate your energy on your desired end goal.
When things that might veer you off your desired destination come up you know what to do. Say no and only focus on those things that lead you in the direction you need to be on.
Vision is the desired destination. But you have to be intentional in knowing what it’s going to take for you to get there.
Do you know what things (actions, jobs, activities, and decisions) move you in the right direction? This will help you be very selective in knowing which things don’t.

Soul Check:

Are you where you following the vision you feel God has for you?
Where can you course correct?
Whose vision are you following, yours or God’s?

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