How Jesus Changed How We Think About Death


Is death something that scares you? I’m not talking about being scared about how you’re going to die. I’m talking about death itself.

Death is probably not a popular topic, but it is one that we all need to think about because the reality is we will all have to face it one day. So let’s think about some reasons why people might be scared of death.

  1. It causes separation between you and the ones you love. Maybe I’m thinking of death and the way it separates at this moment because my dad would have turned eighty this month if he hadn’t passed away a couple of years ago. One of the weird or cool features of Facebook ( I haven’t decided which yet) is that it still sends you birthday reminders of people who have passed away. So it catches you off guard when you see that’s someone who has passed away has a birthday.
  2. There’s fear of not knowing what’s on the other side. I know there are people who say they have had near death experiences that talk about what it looked like, how it felt, and they felt. But we personally still haven’t experienced it.
  3. Fear of when it might come. We don’t know when we will die. And would we really want to know if we could ? Is this something that we would want to add to our calendar? (just thinking out loud)
  4. Fear of lack of control because we can’t say no to death. We might be able to postpone it but not indefinitely. And for the most part, we all want to be in control. We want to make things happen, not have things happen to us.

However, when Jesus resurrected from the dead this changed everything. Because God showed us through Jesus’ resurrection that he has complete control over death and that if we have put our trust in him, we no longer have to fear death.

  1. The separation that death causes is only momentary. Even though I miss my dad, I’m okay because I know that I will see him soon.
  2. I may still not know what’s on the other side, but I do know who is on the other side. I know I have a loving savior waiting for me.
  3. There is still no way that I can know when I will die, but I know that my heavenly father is in complete control of that day. And he always has perfect timing.
  4. Wanting to be in control is something that I have to continually struggle with. And the hardest part is remembering that I not really in control anyway. So when it comes to death I have to continually look to Jesus’ resurrection and be reminded that God has my life in his hands.

I hope you have this assurance. I hope that Jesus has changed the way you think about death.

If not here are some resources:

Assurance of Salvation

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What is Salvation video


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