Why Jesus Will Make You Question Everything

Redd Angelo-Stocksnap
Redd Angelo-Stocksnap

Everyone Has a Normal

 We all live by what we consider normal. Where we live, where we work, who we hang out with, how we spend money, what we watch, who we marry and pretty much every decision we make is dictated by what we consider normal. This is why many people are shocked when they are exposed to a different culture. Whether it’s someone going from a developed country to a developing or third world country or vice versa our normal is challenged with someone else’s normal.

Our Normal Or His?

As a Christian this happens to us as God speaks to us through scriptures, circumstances and other people. Our culture is confronted with the Kingdom of God’s culture. As Christians we need to take our normal and compare it to what Jesus considers as normal. As Jesus walked and taught He would often say , “you have heard it said..but I, tell you”, or “the Kingdom of Heaven is like”. Jesus said this because He understood that everyone had a preconceived idea of how the world and God functioned. And these statements made people question their worldviews.

Why Jesus Will Make You Question Everything

I believe as Jesus speaks to us today it should have the same effect. So as you study God’s word or hear through some other medium don’t discard what doesn’t make sense or sounds weird. Instead I would suggest that when you disagree with something in scripture, you need to wrestle with it because it might be that God is trying to point out something that is your normal but not His. Jesus said, “the one who seeks finds“.

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