A sinking ship and the Gospel

A very vivid childhood memory I have is of a boat adventure where me and my family almost reenacted to Titanic!
Here’s the scenario: My dad was a missionary and felt God was calling him to take the Gospel message to a people group in Honduras that could only be reached by boat or plane. So having little resources we ended up on a boat in route to Honduras. The story gets interesting when on one sinking boatoccasion we started to sink because the boat began to take on water in the motor compartment. It was night time and we were out in what seemed to me to be the middle of nowhere. We have a dim light turned on that really doesn’t help much, and, if anything, makes the darkness even darker. Everyone is panicking (except for my dad of course) and the only one trying to do anything about it is my mom, who is frantically trying to keep up with the intake of water with a five gallon bucket!

And the moral of the story is don’t go out into the middle of the Gulf with an old boat! (just kidding…sort of). I guess that could probably be a major take away of the story, but to me it’s not the main point.
  So what is the main point? 

To me the point is that by God’s grace we made it out alive. By God’s grace, after making multiple attempts to contact the coast Guard they appeared and shined their extremely bright light, tied our boat to theirs and towed us to the safety of their marina.

As I think back I can remember trying to understand why my dad would do something so crazy as trying to sail across the gulf with his family to fulfill God’s calling on his life. But after many years of being the beneficiary of grace, the answer is crystal clear. God loves people and he wants us to love people (Mark 12:30-31).

     The gospel is the hope of the world and we who have received this gift should make it a priority to take it to everyone.

And the reality is that there are many people in this world whose life actually looks like our boat scenario. See without Christ we are all on a sinking ship. On the outside it looks as if everything is fine. People are putting their trust on anything from relationships, money, success, etc. with the hopes that it get them the satisfaction that the truly desire deep down inside. Attempts are made to do what they can to stay afloat, but eventually their attempts will fail. They shine their little dim light into the vast darkness trying to make sense of it all, instead it only increases their uncertainty. It’s not until someone outside of them comes and shines their light, takes it upon themselves to carry their burden, and leads them in the only truth, way, and life (John 14:). Jesus is that Person!
This is why my dad’s crazy idea makes sense. The gospel is the hope of the world and we who have received this gift should make it a priority to take it to everyone.

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