What I Gained And Lost At The Landfill

Due to some remodeling in our house, I had to take some trash off to the landfill.

While I was unloading my trailer I noticed something I’m not sure I had noticed before…I noticed the beauty of the scenery around me (the landfill is not exactly the place you would expect to see something beautiful).

Anytime I see a beautiful scenery like this it reminds me of my great Heavenly Father created all of it.

The beauty that caught my eyes were these beautiful mountains all around me. And this thought came to mind – How often am I blinded to see God’s goodness or His presence because of piles of “garbage” in my life?

So here is your big thought for the day:

Sometimes you just have to get your sight above all the garbage to see the beauty.

Most people will agree with me on this – Life is tough.

You get bombarded by so much all at once that it feels like you can’t even come up for a breath of fresh air.

With all that goes on, you begin to think this is what life looks like.

But it’s not.

Sometimes you just need to get above all the mess, get above all the garbage in order to take in the real scenery.

I think sometimes it’s easier for us to focus on the mountain of garbage instead of the mountain of God’s work.

The real and the real unseen

An event in the Old Testament (2 Kings 6) illustrates this very well.

Elisha one of God’s prophets and his servant find themselves in a pretty bad situation. They are surrounded by a Syrian army, whose intentions are not the best.

The servant, at this point, fearfully asks Elisha, “what shall we do?”. Elisha tells him, “Do not be afraid, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.

Which if I’m Elisha’s servant, I might think the stress is getting to him.

Elisha prays and asks God to open the servant’s eyes and so God opens his eyes and the servant sees that there are horses and chariots of fire!

Don’t miss that. Not just horses and chariots.

Horses and chariots of fire!

I believe this is how many Christians find themselves today. They feel helpless and hopeless because of the situation they find themselves in and the problem is that all they can see is what they are surrounded by.

You need to look above the garbage and ask God to open your eyes to see the real picture.

And the real picture is that He is in control. The situation might look bad. You feel like you are outnumbered and out-resourced. But don’t forget that He is on your side. He promised to never leave you or forsake you.

From an earthly perspective, things might always look like an uphill battle.

But from a heavenly perspective, it’s horses and chariots versus horses and chariots on fire kind of battle.

It’s evident who the winner is going to be.

But for some reason, we miss the sight of this.

Some reasons you might miss this mountain

I don’t know if anybody else noticed the mountains that day… But I did.

And I am sure some people missed it because they were:

  • To busy staring at the garbage
  • Overwhelmed by the amount of garbage
  • To busy dumping your garbage

So how can you keep from seeing God, His presence, and His beautiful creation?

Here are some Practical steps

1. Stop what you are doing

Just like you had trash to throw away last week and this week you will have trash to throw away next week. Sometimes you just need to slow down, take a breather, ignore it and acknowledge that God is with you and for you.

2. Be intentional about looking for it.

List five things you’re grateful for. Doing this will help you realize that you probably have it better than you think you do. This is a great way to get your sight above what’s in front of you and see God’s blessings all around you.

3. Get some help.

Just like some people get a garbage service to come in and pick up their trash you can involve others in helping you with your “garbage”.

Reach out to friends, family and church family. You might find someone who’s been through this or just someone who would be a good listener.

What I Gained And Lost At The Landfill

So when I took the trash off that day, I lost some garbage and I gained some perspective. Taking off the trash might be a part of life. But I don’t have to miss out on God’s wonderful creation and blessing by because I am staring at a mountain of garbage.

Maybe what God wants me to do is use the mountain of garbage to stand on so I can get a better view of Him.

Soul Check:

What are you setting your sight on?

Are you missing out on seeing God’s blessings because you’re staring at the garbage around you?

What step will you take today to not miss out on seeing God?

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