Protect your Marriage

Lukasz Kowalewski-stocksnap
Lukasz Kowalewski-stocksnap

Ever see something that you just know is destined to fail?

Maybe it was a toy rocket that was rigged up with duck tape and matches.

Or maybe an improv grill made of sticks and aluminum foil. (I may or may not have done this. And it may or may not have burned and dropped all the chicken. After all, what else could you use, rocks or something else smart like that?)

There’s just some things that are clearly going to fail. And I think it’s largely due to missing parts like in the two examples mentioned above.

Marriage and relationships are the same. The are certain parts that need to be available in order for it to work properly.

1.God is part of a moral checklist and not Lord of your marriage.

Many parents want what’s best for their family and they think that a little bit of spirituality is a good thing. So they add attending church to


their moral checklist so that they can get some good advice, which they can choose to take or not, at least once a week.


2. You think it’s all about you.

The fairy tales told you that’s how it was supposed to be, right. You find prince charming and then he spends his whole life catering to your every need. You meet the damsel in distress and she has to serve you for the rest of your lives because, after all, you did rescue her.

3. You think it’s your job to “fix” your spouse.

I mean yeah, you kind of knew what they were like when you married them, but you just thought that that’s something you could work on after you got married.

4. Perfect family social posts are your standard for your family.

You just can’t figure out why your family can’t get it together like all those perfect families on Facebook. I mean just look at how well-behaved and good-looking everyone is in those posts.



5. You’ve made it more about social status than emotional health.

The thought or comment normally start with, “what will people think?” What people think becomes more important than being who you are meant to be.

6. Winning the fight is more important than winning their heart.

The only rule is there are no rules (from the movie Fight Club). Being “right” all the time or having “all” the answers might help you on Jeopardy, but not in your marriage.

7. You think love is a feeling instead of a choice.

Do you really base anything else super important on how you feel that day? Well, I don’t feel like going to work today. Well, I don’t feel like driving with my eyes opened today. Well, I don’t feel like be married today. Feelings change from day to day. Commitments don’t.


Marriage is meant to be a life-long interaction where two sinful, imperfect people choose to love each other, make Jesus Lord of all and work hard to glorify God through everything including their relationship .

Any other reasons why marriages fail that you would add? How have you been able to have a successful marriage? Comment below

Some resources: Mingling of Souls, From this day Forward


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