Is what you’re doing right now moving you closer to God?


I think most of us like those easy to follow instructions or guides.

Most people would rather have a 3 to 5 step process, then a 50 step process.

I think this might be the reason the WWJD bracelets were just big hits.

It was a simple message that people could use as somewhat of a reminder or trigger to help them in their Christian walk.

I think it’s helpful to have small memorable phrases or questions that we can ask when faced with a decision.

Is what you’re doing right now moving you closer to God?

I think this is one of those questions.

Probably not one you could put into a nice acronym like WWJD.

“IWYADRNMYCTG” would probably be hard to memorize. And it probably wouldn’t look so good on a bracelet.

But I think the question itself would be easy to remember when needed.

So ask the question

Is what you’re doing right now moving you closer to God?

Is what you are doing making you more dependent on God or is it making you more independent?

Do you find yourself more in love or amazed at God when you finish or does it distract you from seeking Him?

If it doesn’t then you need to do something about it.

Do something about it

  • You might need to take an inventory of your day.
    • Make a list if you need to. Check it twice (Just kidding. Unless you need to).
  • Eliminate those things that move you further from God.
    • There are probably some people that you need to limit time with.
    • Don’t just eliminate, replace.
    • If you are removing things or people that are moving you away from God, then you need to add things that move you closer to Him as well.

Awareness creates action

What you will find is that just having something to trigger will help you walk closer with God.

This very question shows where your heart is. It shows your motives and desire to walk close God.

So in essence, the question itself is a driver to seek after God.
It’s not a question to cause you to be legalistic over or to beat yourself over the head with if you happen to not do so well that day.
But instead, it is a gauge to measure.
Look at it as an outward expression of an inner desire to live a holy and pleasing life before God.

Not a magic bullet

 Yes, it’s by the very grace of God that we seek after him. And it’s by the very power of the Holy Spirit that we even have the ability to seek after him.
But I think of the different endings or the different destination that a question can lead you to.
For example, if the question is did I reach my financial goal or did I make as much money today as I wanted to? This question would lead you to constantly seek after more money. To work hard and strive after getting a little more in your bank count.
Whereas if the question is,  is what I’m doing right now leading me to walk closer to God, this question will lead you to seek after God more. To do those things that drive you towards God like reading his word, praying and meditating on his word to search your heart.
This phrase is not a magic bullet that will give you instant spiritual growth. It is a tool that you can use as you intentionally pursue God.
There are no magic bullets that will give you instant spiritual growth. But there are tools like this one that you can use as you intentionally pursue God.


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