Keeping Your Faith Fresh


Have you ever notice when you start something new, find a new hobby or get a new toy that the fascination you have can keep you occupied and interested possibly for hours at a time?

Or maybe you’ve seen a kid after they get that toy they’ve really been wanting? This new toy  just keeps drawing them back to it and they can play with it for possibly hours.

But, I think we are also all too familiar with what happens next. The new wears off. What used to be fun and exciting is now boring and familiar. You know, the new car smell is gone, you’ve beat all the levels, you’ve put all the parts together a dozen times, you’ve been there done that.

So what do you do at this point? If you can, you just go buy another new something and if not, then you will have to figure out something else. That’s what I had to do as a kid. And the reality is that I could always find ways to making it more interesting by combining toys, playing the game again but his time with friends, or changing where I played.

I believe this same principle applies to our spiritual life.

I believe that our view of God can play a huge role in how fascinated we are with him. Just like with a new toy we can come to believe that we have Him all figured out. The danger in believing that we have God all figured out is that we soon lose the fascination and desire to discover and get to know him.

Take a moment and think about your Christian walk.



Maybe it was when you first came to faith. Can you remember that new fresh awareness of God in his bigness and his goodness? It just seemed like you couldn’t stop reading your bible, you loved praying and you wanted to spend more time with fellow Christians.But something happened along the way where all of a sudden you struggled to read your bible, pray, and go to church. In other words, the new had worn off.

So how do you keep your Faith Fresh?

  1. The first thing to do is remember is that will never have God figured out. That’s why he’s God. There will always be another angle or truth that he will reveal to us if we seek after him.
  2. The second thing to do is stop settling for the familiar. Not that routine is bad, but routine breeds familiarity. And as we have experienced, once something becomes familiar we seem to lose interest in it. So change it up.
    1. read your bible in a different location – maybe somewhere you can get fresh air
    2. do a group study
    3. start praying for others and with others
    4. get involved in a different ministry at your church
    5. go on a mission trip
    6. start giving to an organization you can trust that meets spiritual and physical needs
  3. The third thing is to start applying your faith. James 2:17 says that “faith by itself if it does not have works, is dead.”
    1. Get out of your comfort zone. Stepping out into uncertain situations and circumstances requires faith.
    2. milada-vigerova-unsplash

      Stepping out in faith causes us to seek after God at a deeper level than when we don’t really “need” him. At those moments we are drawn to God because we realize that he is bigger than our problems, circumstances, and the unknown.

Is it possible this is why Jesus called us to come to God with the attitude of a child? A child who believes their dad is their superhero and they trust him enough to follow him anywhere he leads them. I don’t think there would ever be a dull moment if we did. So put some of these ideas into practice today and keep your faith fresh.


Has this been your experience?

What are ways that you keep your faith fresh?

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