Slow Down

Slow down.

I know, chances are that if you live in an industrialized location, you might not even remember what that means. I’m obviously exaggerating. But not about the fact that slowing down has almost become a bad word in our society.

Can you honestly recall a time when someone said, “Wow, you have accomplished so much? Why don’t you take some downtime.”? If it has happened, it probably doesn’t happen very often. If you made something, more is better. If you did it fast, faster is better. That’s the message you will normally hear.

This fast-paced reality in my life became apparent when my wife and I were eating with my dad and step-mom one day. They were visiting from Honduras. We ordered our food and waited at the table for it to come out. If I remember correctly, my wife and I received our food last, but somehow managed to finish our food before they even started. It wasn’t that we were in a hurry because I can’t remember having anything to do afterward. It was just what we were used to eating fast and didn’t realize it until we ate a meal with someone who wasn’t. The evening was fun but could have been a little more enjoyable if we had been able to slow down and share a meal together.

When God was creating everything, for some reason He saw it fit to take a day off. The almighty, all-powerful, speak-a-word and it happens God, took a day off. He slowed down and rested. Not because he needed rest but because He wanted to show us something.

Here are two thoughts about slowing down for you to consider.

  • Slowing down reminds you that God is in control. There will always be something to do. Deadlines and projects will come and go. But yesterday is gone forever. Did you enjoy it or can you even remember what happened?
  • Slowing down allows you to recharge and enjoy all that you have done. I believe the reason many of us run in circles all the time is that we can’t stop to take in what we have accomplished. Are we busy for the sake of being busy?

I want to encourage you to slow down because life is measured in days, months and years, but it’s remembered in small moments. Many of which take place when you choose to slow down and enjoy the moment for what it is. A gift from God.

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