Are you the Solution or Problem?

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Are you the Solution or Problem?

Do you just complain and expect someone else to fix the problem  or do you become the solution? It’s always so much easier to point the finger and push the blame to someone else. But to see a problem, area that needs improvement, or person that needs guidance and then do something about it is a whole-other story!

How can I know

Rick warren in his book Purpose Driven Life says, “Gossip is passing on information when you are neither part of the the problem nor part of the solution. Somehow we think that by talking about something that is not working or about someone who behaviorally is not in the best place, the situation will improve. But more then likely that is never the case. Normally the problem keeps happening or the person stays on the same path. Someone once said, ” insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. And yet this is what most of us, apparently insane people, keep doing.

The Better Approach

So maybe today we should try something different! Maybe this week we pick one of 3 options when we see something that looks like a problem:

  1. Don’t say anything about it in order to not add to the problem or become part of the problem.
  2. Say something and become part of the solution or THE solution. (One way you can do that today)
  3. Give encouragement to those who are becoming the solution.

Just think how different our world would look if everyone followed one of these steps!

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