Blessed Loneliness


Are you feeling like God is nowhere to be found? Not now, but maybe in the past?Loneliness can be a primer for your relationship with God.

This lack of awareness of God’s presence, even though you may dislike it, can be a good thing.

Think about it in terms of food and hunger. When do you normally go to the fridge or kitchen? More than likely it’s when you are having some kind of craving. Your body has an internal timer that lets you know it’s time to eat – Your mind automatically goes to that last piece of pie or leftover spaghetti.

Is it possible that God allows you to feel empty and lonely to trigger this desire in your soul?

Maybe God knows that you won’t seek after Him unless you feel like there is a void to fill. Your soul, just like your stomach, wants to be satisfied. They both need food.

Loneliness is not pleasant, but if it keeps me seeking after God then bring it on.

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