What does real love look like?

unReal love

I think real love is confused in the eyes of most people. There’s a certain image that we have when we think about people who look to be in love. And I think most of it comes from a lot of the media that we see.

We imagine love as some kind of surreal love story where two people gaze at each other for endless hours. Oh, and by the way, they both look like supermodels, chiseled with perfect tans, and perfect breath in the mornings. Not saying this is not possible, just saying that this is not the norm.

But I want to encourage you that maybe what you have, the relationship or marriage that you are in, is an actual depiction of what true love looks like.

True love

True love is loving another person who is less than perfect day in and day out. True love, the real true love story is the one where you choose every day to put aside your wants and desires in order to bring happiness to another person.

Maybe these are more real-life images of true love:

  • washing dishes when you don’t want to
  • choosing not to engage in the bash your spouse conversation
  • getting up in the middle of the night with your sick baby so your spouse can sleep
  • doing a family bible study even though your tired from a long day at work
  • preparing a home cooked meal even though fast food is so much easier
  • giving and getting hugs and kisses with bad breath all while the kids are screaming in the background

Maybe this is a little different than the imagery we get from movies, but I think this is closer to reality.

I say embrace it.

God has given you an opportunity to experience your own true love story.



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