How to’s for Bible Study

Get wise

I know sometimes it can be confusing or overwhelming knowing what to study. The Bible is full of so many great books and so much great content, so where to start? I say start with wisdom.

Have you ever wished someone would give you a book on what not to do and what to do instead? Proverbs is that book. God graciously provided thirty-one chapters of wisdom that you can put into practice right away.

The book of Proverbs is a great book to study through. It is a collection of wisdom that was written as God inspired men to write them down. Topics cover everything from money, marriage, to sex. And best of all, what you’ll find is that wisdom will lead you closer to God. Wisdom is another one of God’s perfect gifts and wisdom can only be found in Him.

How to

One way I recommend reading is a chapter at a time. I know this might seem like a lot but the reason I say this is because typically reading a chapter will give you the full insight the author was trying write. If you read a verse here and a verse there, you might not get the whole picture.

And if you decide to read Proverbs a chapter at a time you could actually read the whole book of Proverbs in a month. How cool is that!

Another tip when reading your bible is to pick a time and stick with it. If you say I’ll just read sometime today it normally doesn’t happen. What you plan to happen usually happens.

Hope this helps. Now go get wise.

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