Do you have a moment?

Do you have a moment?

Do you have a moment? A moment for what you might ask. Well, do you have a moment to take in this moment? I’m not trying to be confusing or complicated.

I hope you do because a moment is filled with so much potential. I hope you have a moment because it’s an important one.

This moment matters because it’s a moment that holds a lot of power.

What’s in a moment?

When you see the word moment you might think about time. Which yes, that’s a big part of it but it’s more than that – it’s milliseconds of opportunity.

Every moment comes with a chance to live extraordinarily.

  • A chance to go against the grain or go with the flow.
  • Opportunities to risk or coward.
  • Moments to Love or hate.
  • Minutes full of yes’s and no’s.

And every moment has an eternal consequence. What you do or don’t do does not happen in a vacuum. This very moment will impact subsequent moments.

Take a moment to think and you will quickly remember moments that have led to opportunities or destinations you never would’ve thought. Or maybe they led you to places you should’ve never been.

Can you spare a moment?

This very moment is that moment. You are in the doorway of opportunity. Saying yes is as much of a decision as saying no.

Don’t let it get away it won’t be here for long.

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