3 Simple Resources to Make the Best of your Bible study

3 Simple Resources to Make the Best of your Bible study

Have you read a verse you don’t quite understand? Or maybe there’s a verse God uses to speaks to you and you want to dig into it a little deeper?

I want to share 3 good resources you can use to help you do just that.


BibleHub is a great online database that allows you to search tons of information on specific verses. All you have to do is type in the verse you are researching and you will have access to several different options.

You can look at commentaries and sermons that relate to your verse. This site also gives you a really neat option to view the different translation of the same verse all on one page so all you have to do is scroll down while you read them. Another really cool option you have is the ability to look at different topics that are found in the verse you are looking at.

Did I mention you get all this for free!


Openbible is another great tool I have used. The main function I have used this site for is the topical bible search. When you click on the tab it takes you to a search engine that allows you to look up verses based on a topic you are interested in. All you have to do is type in your topic where it says “what does the Bible say about…” and you get a great list of verses that include your keyword.

Something else that I like about the search bar is that when you start typing in your keyword, it starts trying to guess what you are looking for much like the google search engine does. Which can be helpful if you only have a vague idea of what you are looking for.


LookattheBook is a ministry of Desiring God, which is a ministry started by John Piper. If you don’t know who John Piper is, you NEED to.

LookattheBook is an option if you want to add something more guided to your study time. John Piper does an excellent job of taking passages of the Bible and breaking them down into tiny bits of information.

The way he captures the videos also shows what he wants you to focus on – the Bible. He uses some kind of software that allows him to underline and circle words so you know what he’s referencing. He also writes points on the screen as he makes them so you can come back to them later if you need to and not have to stop the flow of the lesson.

Your Study

These are just suggestions. Use the ones that work and bookmark the ones you don’t in case you want to come back to them later. I actually don’t use these all the time. But they have all been very helpful at different times during my studies, whether I am working on a sermon or simply wanting to dig a little deeper into what I’m studying.

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