Think Big, Start Small

What are you calling small

Do you feel God is nudging you to do something but it feels too insignificant?

  • Maybe it’s caring for the babies or toddlers in your church?
  • God might be asking you to host a small group in your home?
  • It might be to start giving consistently to a gospel-centered mission?
  • Maybe it’s to start praying for someone in need?
  • Are you feeling a nudge to start praying with your kids before bed or on the way to school?

The list is endless of all the things that we can think of as small or insignificant.

This is unfortunate because typically when we think of something as small or insignificant we don’t think it’s worth our effort. And this normally leads to inaction.

It’s not worth our energy, time, and brain power so we simply choose not to act.

God loves small beginnings

But small and insignificant are not bad. God actually loves small beginnings.

Zechariah 4:10 (NLT) Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…

A small beginning is a beginning to something. God wants you to fulfill His purpose in your life however small or insignificant it might feel right now.

Choosing to not do something because it seems less than ideal shows where your heart is. It’s more about how others think about what you’re doing then God.

It also lacks faith. Faith says do it no matter what others might think of you. If you know God is calling you to it:

  • Take the job with a smaller salary at that non-profit.
  • Start your own business and run it as if God is your only customer.
  • Adopt another child even if you already have three of your own.
  • Cut spending down so you can be a generous giver when everyone else hoards and lives above their means.
  • Go to the mission field in spite of the material loss and risk.

You might not be able to help every non-profit but you can use your gifts and talents at one. You might be able to convince every business to operate in a Godly way but you can build your’s that way. You might not be able to parent every needy kid in the world but you can give one a good Godly home. You might not be able to give millions to missions but you can faithfully give a little over a lifetime. And you might not be able to reach the world with the love of Jesus but you can go and take the message of Jesus to a small part of the world.

God loves small beginnings.

Think big one small step at a time

Small steps can have a big payoff. Whatever dream God has placed in your heart might seem daunting but taking the next step is not. Break down that big dream or goal into small habits or steps that are doable.

I can think of a large church in Atlanta Ga right next to I-75. It’s primarily built out of bricks. Every time I drive by it I wonder how many bricks it took to build it? It has to be at least in the tens of thousands.

The building as it stands is daunting. But it didn’t just show up one day. The builders didn’t just dream it up and it popped up out of nowhere. No, instead it started one brick at a time.

One tiny brick after another day after day is what it took to make this beautiful larger than life work of art.

So lay the first brick.

Take the next doable step. Walk out in faith into whatever small beginnings God is calling you to.

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