Small steps with big impact for your Bible Reading. (free PDF)

Progress encourages progress

Like with any task you take on, it’s hard to keep going unless you see some progress.

Progress lets you see where you’ve been and gives you a chance to celebrate or make a decision to up your game.

  • Someone trying to lose or gain weight gets on the scale regularly.
  • Somone wanting to run a marathon keeps track of how many miles they’re up to.
  • Someone writing a book keeps track of how many words they’ve written.
  • Someone trying to quit smoking or biting their nails keeps track of how many days it’s been since the last time they bit their nails or smoked a cigarette.
  • Someone trying to memorize big sections of the Bible keeps track of which verses they’ve memorized so far.

You get the picture. Progress tells us where we are and can give us a much-needed boost to keep going.

Bible reading progress

Daily Bible reading is no different. It’s not that we’re competing to see who can read the most, but like with anything else if we can see progress it compels on those days we don’t feel like doing it.

During my bible reading time, I come with the anticipation that God is going to speak to me through His word. Keeping track of this helps me also keep track of my reading progress. To track this I do three simple things – I highlight the verse God is speaking to me through, I write that days date, and I write in the margins whatever it is God spoke to me.

It’s been pretty cool to see highlights and notes when I’m re-reading certain books or chapters a year or two later. It gives me this sense of accomplishment but also a reminder of God’s continued grace in my life.

Yes, it is simple but I like simple. And these 3 easy steps have my a BIG difference in my Bible reading.

I have added a Daily Progress pdf if you want to download or print out something to help remind you of these three simple yet impactful steps.


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