Trust Me, You Need A Lamp.


It’s interesting to me that the Bible calls itself a lamp unto our feet.

Maybe you’ve used a lamp before? And if you have, you know that the light works well at lighting your immediate surroundings. But it’s not very good at shining far away like a spotlight would.

Maybe this is one way of God saying, look the Bible is not a fortuneteller it’s not meant to inform you of every single detail ahead of you. It’s not meant to tell you who you should marry, what job you should take, where you should live, what car you should buy, what school you should go to, or how much money you should give away.

Instead, it seems like the Bible as a what do I need to do right now kind of resource. It’s more of a “present-teller” if you will.

Obviously, for us more cautious people this makes everything harder. I want to know what the next 500 or 1000 steps are. But the Bible gives me maybe the next three and tells me to trust God for the rest.

Mobile lamps

This passage also talks about a light unto your path. The fact that you are on a path suggest that you are moving you are going somewhere.

The lamp is not meant to just be held in a room somewhere. But instead, it is meant to be a guide as you walk on the path that God is leading you through.

God is taking you on an adventure.

Yes, it’s probably nice, cozy, and well lit where you are but you can’t stay there. You can’t get anywhere if you never leave.

You’ll have to go outside where there is no light and it’s hard to see. It’s filled with uncertainty and risk but the destination will be worth it.

Your final destination is to be like Christ. But you can’t get there by doing the same thing you’ve always done or by staying where you’ve always been.

You’ve got to get on the path and get moving.

No maps included

So, unfortunately, God’s word will never give you the full view of your life, you will probably never find a chapter on the life of ‘insert your name here‘, but He will give you the next step.

Light from the lamp will shine at your feet and allows you to see where you’re stepping. It’ll keep you from stumbling as you enjoy the journey with God.

God wants to walk and live with you much like Jesus walked and lived with the disciples. He wants to eat together, do ministry together, laugh and cry together, and teach you along the way.

Jesus just said follow me. He didn’t give them the whole picture. If He did they probably wouldn’t have followed. Instead, He slowly brought them in and introduced them to the greatest life they’d ever known and the greatest person they would ever meet – God Himself.

Take advantage of the lamp and enjoy the journey.

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