What you need more than anything

What you think you need

We all have our own ideas of what we “really need”.

  • need a new car.
  • need one more bite.
  • need another pair of shoes.
  • need to date that person to be happy.
  • need Jesus to get me out of this situation.
  • need God to heal them.
  • need a Starbucks coffee right now.
  • And-on-and-on

Our minds can convince us that we know what’s best. Sometimes it’s our emotions that give us this feeling that we just can’t go on if this certain “thing” doesn’t happen.

But do we really know what’s best? Or is there someone who really knows what we need?

Someone else knows what you need better than you do

John, one of Jesus disciple recounts of a time when one some of Jesus friends were going through a really difficult time.

John 11:5-6 (ESV)  Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus. So, when he heard that Lazarus was ill, he stayed two days longer in the place where he was.

Mary and Martha’s brother is ill and in fact, soon dies.

Mary and Martha send Jesus a message telling Him that Lazarus their brother is sick because they know Jesus can heal him. They “need” Jesus to come and intervene right now.

But Jesus doesn’t. Not only does He not act immediately, He actually delays two days longer.

This is insane. Why would He do this? And more curious than this, John wants to make sure that we know that Jesus loves them, and he makes that clear in verse five. Probably so we don’t start thinking that Jesus doesn’t go because He is trying to get back at them or doesn’t really care about them.

So why does He dealy?

It’s almost as if He knows something we don’t.

He does. Jesus knows what we really need better than you and I ever will.

What you need more than anything

Jesus is trying to tell Mary, Martha, and Lazarus is that more than Lazarus getting healed and living so they don’t have to suffer is that they need to see the glory of God.

For Jesus, the most important thing is for us to see the majesty of God through Him.

Why? Because this is what you really need. If Jesus would have healed Lazarus he would have eventually died anyway. But what Jesus gave them that day was a glimpse into resurrection power.

Jesus would soon not be with them so they needed to believe in who He was and the God who sent Him so they would not stray once He was gone.

More than healing they needed a deep-rooted faith in God. They needed to see that Jesus was not just another prophet passing by but instead He was the giver of life.

That’s what you and I need today – a better glimpse of God, a deeper faith in God, a greater understanding of who He is, and a greater love for Him.

Yes, you might want healing and provision, and a way out but you need more than that. And whatever it is that you are going through right now might be a stepping stone on that path.

What you need more than anything is not part of this world, it was not created by this world, and it isn’t even promoted by this world.

What you need more than anything is Jesus.

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