Love is great. It’s even a biblical commandement. But are you addicted to love?

Addicted to falling in love

Are you disappointed with your marriage relationship?

Do you reminisce the early days of your relationship when it seemed like you couldn’t get enough of each other? And wonder what happened to the magic?

You might ask yourself if you made a mistake and married the wrong person.

There might be more to what you’re feeling then meets the eye.

You might be addicted.

To what, you might ask?

Falling in love.

How is this possible? proposes that The act of “falling in love” produces a chemical deluge in the brain similar to that experienced with drug use. The brain is awash in adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin (the feel-good chemicals), which cause us to want to return to the source of that feeling.

Unfortunately, our brains can only sustain an in love feeling for a maximum of two years. So the feeling wears off and our brains being to feen.

Simply said, we want to feel good and we will repeat whatever brings us that happiness. And this is what leads some to serial dating and if married divorce. Their source of happiness has depleted so they go on the hunt.

So what’s the solution

Don’t idolize earthly love

Like with everything else you don’t idolize feeling in love. The only one you worship is God.

Don’t be addicted to love, be addicted to Jesus. He is a well that won’t run dry.

So when earthly love appears to be absent you are not shaken because your devotion and affection are rooted in God.

Build a solid marriage

Don’t build your marriage on fickle emotions that are here today and gone tomorrow.

We have bought into this idea that we should live in this romantic a trance every day of the week for the rest of our life, but as noted earlier it’s not true.

Build your relationship on trust, God’s word, commitment, sacrifice and a desire to love even when the feeling is not there momentarily.

Don’t be afraid to love


1 John 4:18 (NIV) There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear…

There will always be a fear that someone will not return the love you give. There will always be the fear that someone will take advantage of your vulnerability.

But love anyways. Love with an unconditional love that says no matter what I will love you. The feeling will go and come but I will choose to love even then.

This kind of love makes marriage worth fighting for.

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