3 valuable lessons that I learned from atheists

John Eli

“What do you mean I have to write a paper about atheists….,” she yelled over the phone, “All I know is that they are EVIL! EVIL! I tell you!”….. Then without a warning, she broke down, and started to cry… …

I had worked as an academic counselor for quite some time and had come to understand that most students were resistant to certain topics in their world religion course. Usually frustration was expressed in the form of incomplete assignments or lack of engagement in classroom discussion. However, this was new to me. This was my first time witnessing someone having a complete meltdown over this matter.

The student, on the other end of the line, was a middle-aged daughter of a fundamental pastor. She had been assigned the task of identifying and discussing moralistic motivation of atheists. The assignment required her to provide an academic response describing social…

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1 thought on “3 valuable lessons that I learned from atheists

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I feel honored that you would choose to do so. Bendiciones!

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