Don’t let the fear of missing out cause you to actually miss out.

12 thoughts on “Don’t let the fear of missing out cause you to actually miss out.”

  1. Excellent post Ben! I read on your About page today that your purpose is “to be a disciple of Jesus and point people to the hope that is found in Him!” I’m trying to have the same purpose. Anything you can share that’s worked for you would be appreciated. Send me an email sometime at Thanks.

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    1. Hi Kurt. Thanks for the encouraging comment. It’s always good to connect and hear from other followers of Christ. Looks like you are posting some really good content on your blog. And your book “Traveler and the Chaplain: A Christian Parable” has me curious. I’ll try to get a copy soon. Keep up the good work.

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      1. Ha, that was my first book — which is my worst book. I’d rather send you a copy of the new book I have coming out: “How an unloving unlovable person became someone who loves like Jesus (and how you can love like Jesus too)” I’d love to get your input.

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      2. haha! Well, they say shipped is better than perfect 🙂 I have a book coming out this month and I am having to fight back all of the self-doubt floating around in my head. And I’ll probably look back a few years from now and cringe. Definitely no expert here, but yeah, I’d love to check it out.


    1. Well, how about I shoot you over a copy-that might be easier. Or you can get it off of amazon within the next week? I’ll be making it available for free for a few days when I first publish it.


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