Please quit asking me to be normal

1 Peter 2:11 (CJB)
 Dear friends, I urge you as aliens and temporary residents not to give in to the desires of your old nature, which keep warring against you;

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We were at a family reunion a few years ago and I had a conversation with one of my family members. The conversation probably started off with normal things like “how are you?”, “how old are you now?” and probably questions about my family but we ended up talking about my dad and some of the decisions he made, specifically choosing to be a missionary in Honduras.

I shared some experiences which in hindsight had positive outcomes in my opinion. The conversation was coming to an end when these words came out of my family member’s mouth, “I’m just glad you turned out normal”.

It sounds worse than I took it. But it did cause me to do some reflection on what that meant to them and means to me.

Here’s the outcome of that reflection.

I want to be normal, actually, I don’t

I don’t want to be normal. Well, I do. But I really don’t.

There’s a struggle in me to be complacent and just fit in. Don’t give too much, don’t sacrifice too much, don’t get too excited about Jesus, don’t risk too much, don’t spend too much time on that religious stuff.

But I want to be more than just a good citizen—a law-abiding, tax-paying, no cuss words kind of guy. I want to pour out every last drop of my life for Christ. My heart desires to please my King in everything I do with every moment of every day.

Is normal really normal?

What does normal look like? At least in my experience, it looks like going on Sunday listen to a message that is hopefully not too long and super inspirational.

It’s a Christianity that doesn’t require me to make decisions that seem foolish to my neighbors or my family. Normal Christianity looks very similar to everyone else’s life but with more conservative moral standards—at least in public.

Jesus’ normal or someone else’s?

Jesus calls us to anything but normal!

Don’t read the gospels if you want normal. Any person who had a genuine encounter with Jesus left radically changed, never normal — Zacchaeus, the women at the well, the women caught in adultery, the apostles (minus Judas), the demon-possessed man, and countless others.

All changed because they met Jesus.

He says pick up your cross, give it all away, love those who hate you, go to the back of the line even if you think you deserve to be first, serve instead of being served, it’s about an inner heart transformation rather than an outward appearance, and it’s about loving God with all your being and loving others the same way you love yourself.

None of that fits into normal.

We don’t belong to this world so we should expect to be normal.

And who wants to be normal when you can be like Jesus.

21 thoughts on “Please quit asking me to be normal

  1. I love this ! So true.

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  2. Reblogged this on KNOWING THE TIME, because what's coming matters and commented:
    Food for thought!
    Thank you Benjamin.


    1. Thanks again Crissy. And thanks for the reblog!!!

      God bless


      1. God bless Benjamin. Keep up the good work

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  3. I dig your heart bro!!!

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    1. Thanks bro! Always enjoy your blog as well!

      God Bless


  4. Amen! The narrow road is never the normal road. Great post!

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    1. Absolutley! I wonder how many people are going down the wrong path in the name of normal.

      Thanks Lisa and God bless

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  5. Benjamin, I loved your last sentence, “Who wants to be normal when you can be like Jesus?” That is the hope of our lives because he is with us every minute to see that transformation process through; and it is also the work of our lives because I must yield myself to him to allow the transformation to take place. Surely, this is “extra-ordinary” living! “So that they may all be as one even as I and the Father are One”–that was Christ’s prayer. This rigorous adventure hurts my pride continually and yet is the only true source of healing. I’m in! Loved your post, and love your heart for Christ. Can’t wait to dig in to Fully Devoted!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading. I am always amazed at God’s love that He pursues me a doesn’t allow me to be normal. He’s like a good father that looks at his child and sees all that they can be and all that they should be and pushes them, leads them and guides them in that direction. You are absolutely correct, what a great and amazing hope we have in Jesus!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!
      God bless

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    1. Amen! Thank you for reading and commenting Marlene.

      God Bless


  6. Benjamin, thank you for sharing your abnormality with us. I plan at the right point to reblog this on my series Beyond a Mere Christianity. Blessings as you remain devoted to our Lord. There is no other true life but this.

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    1. Thank you for reading, commenting and the future reblog!

      God bless

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  7. I’m far from normal (by secular, Christian and Messianic standards), but wouldn’t have anything different.

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    1. Absolutely! Me either. God is too good and life is too short.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. God bless

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  8. I don’t want to be normal. Well, I do. But I really don’t.

    Great post ♥️. God bless you.

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