How to get your kids to read their bible

Deuteronomy 11:19 (NIV)
Teach them to your children, 

talking about them when you sit at home...

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Your kids need the Bible

As Christians, we know that Reading our Bible is our lifeblood. That’s where we get strength and knowledge and hear from God. The Bible is the very words of God and as his children, we need to hear them every day.

And we want our kids to read it.

Not only do we want them to read the Bible we want them to know how to understand it. We want them to see that God has a word for them. And God wants to speak to them.

But if you’ve ever tried this you know it’s easier said than done. Like everything else you tell them to do you can’t just simply tell them to do it and expect them to do it. They will either get distracted, forget about it, or just simply choose not to do it out of laziness.

But as parents, we can’t just be passive about this. Our kids need to know the Bible and let the Bible speak to them. We need to do this in some of the most crucial years of their life.

So I want to share with you one thing that you can do today to make this happen. And yes a soon as you read it you will think that it’s pretty simple. Yes, and that’s the beauty of it.

Read the Bible with them

Yes, it’s been that simple. One or two nights a week we sit around the kitchen table after dinner or with a snack and we go through a book of the Bible a chapter at a time or a story at a time.

We look at how many verses are in the chapter or in the story we want to read and then divide that among however many are going to read. Not only is this a good chance to practice reading for your kids. I’m sure the teachers reading this will love that.

The Bible is more than just a book we use on Sundays

And another great thing is they also get to hear their parents read the word of God.

Doing this not only makes sure that they read it but they get to see that this is something important for them as kids and for us as adults. They get to see that it’s not just a Sunday morning thing, but something that is more of a way of life.

The Bible can come to life

Once we’ve read, we take time to understand what it’s talking about and then share what stood out and spoke to us. This allows them to see that the Bible applies to them where they are in life.

Now go try it out.

I’d also like to hear about any creative ideas you use to get your kids to read their Bibles. If you have any leave them in the comments.

6 thoughts on “How to get your kids to read their bible

  1. Good word brother! I have Bibles all over the house and I open them up and read Scripture all the time throughout the day. We do the same thing with prayer. We also read with them before bed too. God bless!

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  2. Amen. Read the Bible with your family. Read every day, not just on special occasions. 🙂

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    1. Absolutely! We can’t treat as a Christmas story that we read only at Christmas time.

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  3. Thank you for this! No costs, no prerequisite qualifications required–as so many functionally believe. I would add that if I had it to do over, I would let them pick a topic or a Bible character or Bible book to study together more often than we did. When young people exercise choice, they are more motivated to make it their own. Offer opportunities for them to express themselves in “follow up” by asking “How can we remember this in the coming weeks?” Offering kinesthetic expressions (e.g., giving, creating, doing, communicating with others via the “pen”) builds memory and application.

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    1. Wow, thank you for that insight. My prayer is that they do make it their own. I will definitely put some of this in practice!


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