One man walking with God can make a difference

But there was one man who still walked with God and was
a “righteous man, blameless in his time”
(Genesis 6: 9 NASB).

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One person can make a difference

Right before Genesis 6:9 God was actually sorry He had created us. Ouch!

In fact, He was about to press the reset button and wipe the whole thing out without a trace.

But there was one person that made a difference.

One person. Not an entire nation or organization.

How do you respond on the worst day

Almost any news you read or watch can make you feel like it’s all coming to an end, which it all will at some point.

How do you respond when all seems to be going wrong?

Do you panic?

Do you just sit back and do nothing because you don’t think it will not make a difference anyway?

We think the world around looks bad now. But so did Noah.

How did he respond?

He chose to live differently.

He chose to trust God and obey.

What you do matters

It mattered to God how Noah was living and how others were living.

It might not seem like anyone cares what you do when no one is looking. But it matters to God.

Don’t let your circumstances decide how you will act.

Be the person God is willing to trust.

Be righteous when no one else is.

Walk with God when no one else will.

One man walking with God can make a difference.


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