The loudest voice is the leading voice

Luke 8:8
And some fell into good soil and grew and yielded a hundredfold.” As he said these things, he called out, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”
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Listen carefully

Listening is not a neutral action.

It is more than sound waves traveling through the air entering into your ear beating on your eardrum and than vibrating the hair cells in your cochlea.

The words that come into your ear travel and become part of you.

Words have the power of influencing your thoughts and emotions.

Just think of the last time someone gave you a compliment or insulted you.

Those thoughts didn’t simply land on deaf ears.

No, instead they made you happy or mad. And then these words resurfaced as you began to process and relive that moment in your mind.

For that reason, those voices that are the loudest in your life will have the biggest influence.

Who has your attention

When I say loudest I don’t mean the volume at which they speak.

I am referring to the amount of attention you pay when they speak and how much you value the person speaking those words.

Words from these people can easily change your mind about something or they can move you in a certain direction.

Your last decision or several decisions were probably a direct result of their opinion about the subject.

So who has your attention?

Whose words do you value most?

Give your full attention to Jesus

Those who have your attention have the greatest influence in your life.

So give your full attention to Jesus.

Read your Bible so God can speak to you through the words written on those pages.

Pray and meditate throughout the day so that you have a constant connection with Him.

Don’t let any voice be louder than God’s.

You want His voice to be the leading voice.



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